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About Us

Archives of Medical and Clinical Research is a collection of methodically peer-reviewed manuscripts aimed at disseminating up-to-date and ground-breaking research, information, and high-quality works by dedicated experts in the field of Medical and Clinical Research.

The Archives of Medical and Clinical Research is dedicated to improving medical and clinical care by publishing medical and clinical researchers' efforts.

Aim of the Journal

The aim of Archives of Medical and Clinical Research is to publish scientific, evidence-based papers from a variety of medical and clinical disciplines.

The Archives of Medical and Clinical Research aims to publish cutting-edge medical and clinical practises and contribute to the advancement of medical and clinical care quality.

Scope of the Journal

Articles of general interest to medical and clinical researchers are welcome in the Journal, particularly if they contain new knowledge.

Through offering free access to research material, the Archives of Medical and Clinical Research (AMCR) scholarly open access aims to contribute to the advancement and application of scientific findings. The published work is instantly available to the general public and scientific community, resulting in higher citation rates for the author. 

All aspects of medical and clinical research studies and methods are covered by the Archives of Medical and Clinical Research (AMCR).

Surgeons, physicians, scientists, scholars, and healthcare practitioners are encouraged to work with us by writing manuscripts and submitting them to us for publication in all the medical and clinical disciplines.

Without subscription fees or registration barriers, all papers published by Archives of Medical and Clinical Research are made freely and permanently available online shortly after publication.

Copyright and Open Access License

All the published articles will be promptly accessible online with a completely open access mode of publication. Articles published in Archives of Medical and Clinical Research are under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Under the provisions of this permit authors hold Copyright of their articles. This license allows readers to duplicate, distribute in any medium providing the original work is appropriately cited.

Publishing Ethics and Malpractice Policy

Archives of Medical and Clinical Research committed to maintain ethics in publication and takes all possible actions against any publication malpractices. The entities who involved in the publishing must agree the ethical policies of the journal. Authors should submit their original unpublished manuscript according to the journal guidelines. The Editors and Reviewers will keep the manuscript information confidential. Editorial Board of the journal will give decision based on the Reviewer’s comments in Peer Review process.

Frequency of Publication

Archives of Medical and Clinical Research publishes 2 Issues per year.

Please contact us at editor@amcrjournal.com if you have any more questions.

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